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Scientific Research

Subject : Can I get difference memory address when re-allocate other memory?

           1. It’s have difference result on difference OS, because OS has Memory Manager.

2. It will be not return same memory address. If that not, it cause security  problem.

3. If I get same memory address when I allocated memory, I can read value that before memory has been returned


Testing Environment

1.     Windows 7 (SP1, 64bit, 4GB Memory, Intel® i3-2370M CPU, VS2012)

2.     Windows XP(SP3, 32bit, 512MB memory, VS2010, in VMware)

3.     Ubuntu 12.03 (3.5.0-37 Kernel, gcc compiler , in VMware)


How to test my Hypothsesises?

1.     Compile source code in different Env.

2.     Execute it


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